What’s this? The latest single and video from Benjamin Ingrosso, ‘The Dirt’, plus a funked up package of new remixes.
What does Benjamin say? “This is the first song I am releasing where I get to tell a story, that’s not about me at all. But I love it and hope everyone will get in the mood to dance!”
What does Scandipop say? ‘The Dirt’ is the sound of a Swedish popstar stepping confidently out onto an international stage – ready to make the rest of the world listen, to a song that they’re gonna wanna pay attention to. The original has already embedded itself into the top half of the Spotify Top 50 in Sweden for the best part of a month, and this new remix package extends its run into the early hours of the morning!
Written by? Benjamin himself, along with Hampus Lindvall, Markus Sepehrmanesh, Valentin Brunel and Didrik Franzén.
More from Benjamin? He’s also recorded an acoustic video of the song AND gave a blockbuster performance of ‘The Dirt’ at the Swedish Grammys.

You can find the original version of ‘The Dirt’ on our Best New Pop playlist, and all of the remixes right here;

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