He didn’t! He did. If anyone else around here has got a severe case of PED (that’ll be Post Eurovision Depression) this morning, Swedish producer Michael Casado has *just* the remedy.
Quite. Who sings and who provides the music? Actually, unlike a lot of mash-ups, this one’s a bit more of a collaborative affair. The backing track is ‘Telephone’ all spliced up and sorted out, but singing over the top of it isn’t just Benjamin. Lady Gaga and Beyoncé get their time performing over the track too. Cos, you just wouldn’t cut them two out of a song, y’know.
Is there a video to go along with it? It’s Michael Casado – there’s always a video. This one takes the iconic ‘Telephone’ video AND the iconic (don’t @ me) Swedish Eurovision performance from Saturday night, AND the ‘Dance You Off’ video as well.
Is the whole thing amazing? It may even have won the public televote at Eurovision, it’s that amazing. Again, don’t @ me.

Dance You Off My Telephone (Michael Casado Mashup)

Eurovison lovers, May mashup is finally here <3 Benjamin Ingrosso Vs Lady Gaga & Beyonce.

Publicerat av Michael Casado den 14 maj 2018

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