What’s this? After the absolute joy of the ludicrously infectious ‘Push Up’, Swedish artist Brother Leo returns with the follow-up. New single and video ‘Shine’. A wonderfully catchy song with the most visually pleasing music vid, thanks to all that colour and all that location.
What does Brother Leo say? “I was in a pretty dark place when this song came to life. The writing process turned out to be some kind of turning point for me, both personally and creatively. To some this will probably be another happy tune, but for me it means something totally different”.
And about the vid? “The idea for this video was to illustrate a colourful trip into the subconsciousness – the feeling of being trapped and lost inside your own self-made prison and longing to find the way out”.
Written by? Brother Leo, Elof Loelv and Andreas Levander.
More from Brother Leo? P-p-p-push up on me!

You can find ‘Shine’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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