After delivering one of the most ludicrous (and bestest!) singles of last year with ‘Batman & Robin‘, Swedish artist Cazzi Opeia returned in December with the follow-up single, ‘Wild Ones’. She’d turned the tempo down a notch or twelve from its predecessor. But not compromised on either a big pop melody or a production that you could pretty much get lost in. Now though, she’s breathed some life into the release, by putting out a remix EP over the weekend. The best of the bunch is the Nathan Jain remix – which turns the song into a banging piano house anthem that takes us back to the late 90s (when we listened to that sort of music on the radio, rather than heard it in the clubs – we’re not that old!). Brilliant music – once again – from one of Sweden’s most reliable artists when it comes to pulling something special out of the bag.

You can find the Nathan Jain mix of ‘Wild Ones’ on our Best New Dance playlist. And the music vid for the original mix below.

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