These two. I’m sure I’ve seen them in the same room before. That’ll be 20 years ago. In Israel. When one handed over the Eurovision trophy to the other.
20 years since Sweden won Eurovision in Israel. Oh that’s funny – Sweden should pick up on that. They have – that’s why you’ve got this fabulous collaboration to listen to.
Of course they did. At tonight’s Melodifestivalen, as the Swedish entry to Eurovision 2019 in Israel is selected, these two divas will perform together as an interval act. With both performing their Eurovision winners, before coming together to perform this brand-new song, ‘Diva To Diva’.
What’s it like? With a chorus that goes “from diva to diva, love is love”, it’s fair to say that it’s all a bit gay.
A bit? Ok, it’s so gay, it’s hoping that Lina Hedlund wins Melodifestivalen tonight.

You can find ‘Diva To Diva’ in our Best New Pop playlist.

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