What’s this? What’s this?! Nice topical reference there. ‘Tis a Christmas song. By two Norwegian singing ladies – Charlotte Qvale & Marte Wulff. ‘Vi Feirer Jul’, which means We Celebrate Christmas.
What’s it all about? Basically the message is that no matter your religion, your views or whether or not you even like Christmas – everyone is touched by it, and can appreciate the underlying message of goodwill that Christmas brings with it every year. So there you go.
So it’s not a banger then? It’s not. As Universal Music Norway say (well – they would), it’s one of this year’s most beautiful Christmas songs. An unassuming ballad. We like this one a lot because it SOUNDS like a Christmas song. Bells and stuff.
Who is behind the song? It was written by Charlotte and Marte themselves, and produced by Martin Sjølie.


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