Last night Swedish Idol crowned its latest winner – get acquainted with Chris Kläfford. And he now gets to release his debut single, the winner’s single. ‘Treading Water’ is the song, written by Melanie Webbe and Patrik Jean, and produced by Herman Gardarfve. It’s a song that – well – treads the water of traditional winner’s single fare, in that it’s an uplifting and rousing ballad that’s instantly likable. Kläfford’s interpretation of it gives it a real rock-ballad feel too (to see what else we could have had – here’s runner-up Hanna Ferm’s version of the track). Chris Kläfford becomes the 13th winner of Swedish Idol. But of course we can also look forward to seeing what Hanna gets up to in the coming year also.

You can find ‘Treading Water’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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