What’s this? Icelandic artist Daniel Oliver has enlisted the assistance of Swedish artist Emanual to deliver a veritable sun-blast of a new single. ‘Grinding Money’.
Why would anyone wanna grind money? It’s about being on your grind. For money. Duh.
What’s it like? Well things have certainly heated up in Iceland since we were last there. Or perhaps they will now. ‘Grinding Money’ manages to be both brassy and sassy, and does so with an ice-cool Nordic interpretation of fiery Latino flair. You’ve heard of Cool For The Summer – well here comes Hot For The Autumn.
Written by? Daniel himself, along with Linus Josefsson and Peter von Arbin.
More from Daniel? For something a lil’ (ok, a lot) more down-tempo, check out ‘Hátt‘.

You can find ‘Grinding Money’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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