What’s this? The brand-new single from that talanted Norwegian pair Davai. This time created alongside Lovespeake, this is ‘Broken Hearts’.
What’s it like? Even more so than their previous tunes, ‘Broken Hearts’ sounds like an essential staple of any self-respecting radio network this summer. Oh Christ that melody.
Well they’ll have to do something about that swearing if they wanna get on radio outside of Scandinavia. Actually we’d say radio outside of Scandinavia needs to do something about their outdated approach to swearing. But there we go.
More from Davai? If you’ve not yet experienced the genius of ‘Cry Like Kim K’, then get on it. And while you’re there, give ‘Loco‘ a good listen to as well.

You can find ‘Broken Hearts’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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