What’s this? HOT on the heels of a Scandipop Award win for Best Debut Single (for ‘Wild Enough‘), Swedish artist Elina is now out with her fourth single. And a music video. ‘Mirage’.
What’s it like? If you’ve been following the career of Elina, then it’ll come as no surprise that ‘Mirage’ is, in fact, a beautiful piano ballad. Clearly following the motto of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. And Elina, you are 100% correct: it ain’t broke. ‘Mirage’ is another precious beauty of a composition. One that ends abruptly on a heart-breaker of a line. It’ll give you the feels. And we all love that in a song.
Written by? Written and produced by Elina Stridh, Hannes Roovers and Freddy Alexander.
More from Elina? If you like ‘Mirage’, then check out ‘Champion‘ and ‘Here With Me‘.

You can find ‘Mirage’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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