What’s this? Former dansband frontlady Elisa Lindström is out with a brand-new single – ‘Ditt Hjärta i Min Hand’.
What’s it like? A delightfully joyous mid-tempo schlager.
Schlager you say, at this time of year. Could it be? It’s three minutes in length, penned by Thomas G:son (along with Alma Lindström) and has an almighty key change. What’s that old saying – if it walks like a Melodifestivalen reject and quacks like a Melodifestivalen reject, it’s a Melodifestivalen reject. That’s the one.
Should it have been rejected though? Absolutely not. It’s a wonderful tune and Melodifestivalen 2020 will be that little bit less sparkling without both this song and the charms of its performer.

You can find ‘Ditt Hjärta i Min Hand’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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