What’s this? Swedish group Estraden continue a magical run of singles with one of their best yet – featuring hit-hot newcomer Viktor Leksell, this is ‘Bra För Dig’.
What’s it like? A modern-day break-up anthem. So, in a sense, a whole new sound and style with which to break our hearts in one listen. Cheers, guys.
Written by? Carl Silvergran, Louise Lennartsson, Felix Flygare Floderer, Kiian, David Björk and Sandro Cavazza.
More from Estraden? Check out previous single ‘Smartare‘, with Molly Sandén, and we still stan hard for ‘Vi Två‘.
More from Viktor? He’s still riding high on the success of his recent single ‘Klär Av Dig‘.

You can find ‘Bra För Dig’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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