What’s this? Earlier in the year, Swedish songwriter Etta Zelmani released her first single as an artist, ‘Tell Nobody‘. Today, she’s out with her second. ‘Shatter’.
What’s it like? A sweet n’ cute number with the most irresistible of sing-song melodies – which fully engages the listener, thanks to Ella’s warm delivery.
What does Ella say? “Shatter is about feeling like you’re standing in the middle of a fight, but you watch it from above. The times where you “have to pick a side” has really effected me and I’m starting to learn more about how I want to handle things around me. I’ve also learned that being shattered is one of the worst feelings I know… and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”
Written by? Etta herself, along with David Kjellstrand and Gusten Dahlqvist (who also produced it).

You can find ‘Shatter’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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