What’s this? The fourth of six songs in the running to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. This is ‘Bananas’ by F3M.
What’s it like? ‘Bananas’ is ‘Nuts’.
In a good way? In the best possibly way imaginable. Finland are on absolute FIRE this ESC national final season. ‘Bananas’ isn’t just a song that could slay Eurovision, it’s a song that could, and really bloody well should, dominate the radio airwaves all across the globe in 2020. This song is what the world needs right now. And judging by the video, these girls are just what it needs right now, too.
Written by? Olli Äkräs, Hanna Ollikainen and Rafael Elivuo.

You can find ‘Bananas’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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