This chap has been FAR too quiet since his Eurovision success last year, only getting around to releasing one follow-up single to ‘If I Were Sorry’ – ‘Young Like Us’. However, a few weeks back saw the return of Frans, who is out with a brand new single ‘Liar’. Written by Frans himself, along with Fredrik Andersson (who also produced it) and Michael Saxell, it’s a stark and dark piano ballad. The legions of fans that Frans won over with ‘If I Were Sorry’, will find a lot to love in ‘Liar’ too. And his trademark vocal delivery is still intact as well. Over the weekend, Frans released a remix EP of ‘Liar’ – the highlight of which is most definitely the quirky electronica of the State of Sound remix. It bangs.

You can find ‘Liar’ (State of Sound remix) on our Best New Pop playlist. And check out the video for the original below.

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