What’s this? The new single and video from Norwegian artist Hanne Mjøen. It’s ‘Vanilla’.
What does Hanne say? “’Vanilla’ is in many ways a synonym for something ordinary and boring, so the song is really about wishing for more of what’s good and exciting”.
What does Scandipop say? The appropriately titled song is most definitely Hanne’s most poptastic and saccharine song to date. So basically, she’s parked right up on our street. We’ve been raving about her for a while, but on the evidence of ‘Vanilla’, she’s getting better and better with every release.
Written by? ‘Vanilla’ is co-written and produced by Hanne, with Elsa Søllesvik (of Elsa & Emilie fame and notoriety), Sebastian “ÅSN” Aasen, and Jim Bergsted.

You can find ‘Vanilla’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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