Hatrið Mun Sigra? The Hatred Will Win.
Ok, I’m listening. Please do. You won’t have heard anything like this before.
How would you describe the song? Satirical anti-capitalist hate-mongering being screamed over an explosion of electro-metal. In Icelandic. With a key change.
Fabulous. Isn’t it just?
And the performance? A dead-eyed dom furiously paces the stage in a menacing manner, while a horny sub gyrates and thrusts before collapsing into a heap of confused lust. All played out in latex, leather and strap-heavy BDSM gear. The kids in Iceland absolutely love it!
Well – Iceland *did* need a bit of an image overhaul at Eurovision. And they’re gonna get it.
Is it a Eurovision winner? Most definitely. Put them on near the end when everyone’s had a few drinks and in the immortal words of a one Silvia Night – “so boys and girls around the world, let’s meet next year in Iceland“.

You can find ‘Hatrið Mun Sigra’ on our Best New Pop playlist. Imagine that.

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