What’s this? This is something very special indeed. A song composed as a tribute to Avicii, to mark his tragic passing at the end of last month. By Swedish artist Hilda Stenmalm, and Dutch producer and DJ Don Diablo. All the profits of the song will be donated to the Swedish charity, Tilia and other charities devoted to mental health issues in teenagers.
What does Hilda Say about it? “It came together the morning after we got the tragic news. Being one of our generation’s greatest icons and inspiring millions of people from all over the world… the shocking news shook us at our very core. Knowing Don shared exactly the same emotions, it felt natural to collaborate with him on this song.”
What does Don Diablo say about it? “When I listened to it the first time it touched me deeply in so many ways. As artists, the best way to express our emotions is through music so I locked myself up in the studio and was determined to walk out with something magical that would do justice to the sincere message of the demo and the incredible talent of HILDA. I truly felt this song needed to get heard. So many people are struggling with mental health problems and we have to make sure to never turn a blind eye to this.”
Written by? Martijn van Sonderen, Hilda Stenmalm, Kian Sang, and Don Diablo.

You can find ‘Wake Me Up When It’s Quiet’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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