After the mammoth success of  ‘Jag Trodde Änglarna Fanns’ by Kamferdrops (and to a lesser extent ‘Det Regnar Och Regnar‘ by Game, Seth & Match), Scandi producers have raided the old dansband vaults for another staple to make over. Step forward IFA. And their dancepop interpretation of ‘Leende Guldbruna Ögon’ – a dansband classic so famous, it had a TV show named after it in 2007, and has been recorded and released by everyone from Vikingarna to Elisa’s. It’s fair to say that IFA have basically taken the song and done exactly what they imagined Kamferdrops would have. But we ain’t complaining.

You can find ‘Leende Guldbruna Ögon’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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