What’s this? The latest single from one of Sweden’s most underrated artists of the electronic genre. ILY – ‘Dead End’.
What does ILY say? “It’s a pop song with old-school house and UK garage influences”.
What does Scandipop say? On this three minute tune, she veers between moments of sounding like Therese at her best to bits of sounding like Whigfield at her best. Both references of which we’re very happy about. From Eurodance to classic house with seamless ease and never allowing the quality to dip below utterly banging.
Written by? ILY herself, along with Albin Myers. And the pair of them also produced it too.
More from ILY? We’re still giving plenty of spins to her previous single – the appropriately titled ‘You Give Me Life‘.

You can find ‘Dead End’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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