(photo: Caique Silverio)

What’s this? Swedish artist ISA is back with her first new music since the release of her debut album earlier in the year. New single ‘Who The Hell’?
Who The Hell? Could love you like I do.
What’s it like? It takes up where the album left off and assists with ISA’s unapologetic ascent to the absolute top of her game. It sounds so fresh that it almost feels like an insight into the near future. And that near future is sounding pretty excellent right now. Lots of funked up bleeps all over the place. What awaits us?!
Written by? Written by ISA, produced by ISA and Albin Tenglbald, marking ISA’s first foray into production. Which sort of explains why it sounds like little else out there at the moment.

You can find ‘Who The Hell’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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