What’s this? Before ‘Too Late For Love’ heads to Tel Aviv to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s taken a quick detour to the CLUBS – via a remix package that has been released.
Ooooh what are they like? From banged-up to blissed-out, there is something for either of your fave styles of dance music.
What’s the best one? The Albin Myers mix is probably our fave as it’s a straight-up dancepop remix AND employs excellent usage of the backing vocals, which as we all know by now is essential to the magic of this song. BUT.
But? But. That is closely followed by the Pelago remix, which is a more chilled re-imagining of the track. Think poolside in Tel Aviv. That.
Nice. That’s a mood. And we can’t not mention the Alexie Divello & Peet Syntax remix which injects a level of – dare we say it, given the circumstances – EUPHORIA.

You can find ‘Too Late For Love’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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