Who? You remeber Josef Johansson?
I have recollections of him LITERALLY hela nattan. Same. Ok so he’s back with his first new music in FOUR whole years. And this time he’s releasing it under his real name, Josef Sedraïa.
Awesome. What’s he out with? New single ‘Lillasyster’.
What’s it like? An indie-pop song that gives way to a joyfully bouncy chorus before totally losing its shit at around the 2:40 mark and spiralling into some proper great euphoria. Brilliant stuff. And a tremendous way to tell the world you’re back.
Written by? Josef himself, along with Jon Eriksson and Filip Åhlman.
More from Josef? He’s also released a music video, which you can watch below. They shot the video in Mosul, Iraq, the same day the city was freed from ISIS occupation, together with some pretty euphoric kids.

You can find ‘Lillasyster’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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