The new single? ‘Tis. And their first since their Melodifestivalen debut back in February with ‘Building It Up’. They did quite well out of that – reaching the final and now with a big summer tour around Sweden ahead of them. So now comes the follow-up single. ‘Centre of Everywhere’.
What’s it like? Their best song yet – and the first in which they break free of the boyband-pop sound that their debut album and their Melodifestivalen single followed so strictly (albeit followed quite well, it must be said). ‘Centre of Everywhere’ finds them sprinting blissfully down the synthpop route.
And what do the boys say about it?We want to convey a sense of freedom – that everything is possible! One should dare to dream big , to get what you want out of life and the world without any pressure or influence from other people and society”. As the lyrics state: “We can run, we can run out, to the middle of nowhere, the centre of everywhere…”.
Written by? By the three chaps themselves, along with the Trinity writing and production trio (Sebastian Lundberg/Johan Gustafson/Fredrik Häggstam).


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