What’s this? The new single from Danish producer Kato. The banging dance tune that is ‘Motions’.
What’s it like? A gloriously catchy, unmistakably summer-flavoured dance track which uses an instant knock-out of a chorus to grab your attention. Said chorus sounds like a hyperactive and futurisitic lazer fight set to record – a record that’s stuck in stutter-mode.
What does Kato say? “In many ways, I feel ‘Motions’ is my best single in years. The break from releasing songs since ‘Show You Love’ has been a bit too long, but instead of just sending out whatever new song I come up with each month, I wanted to wait til I had something special; As soon as I cracked the theme for this single, I knew it was the one.”
More from Kato? He’s also released an acoustic version of ‘Motions’ which is a bit lush.

You can find ‘Motions’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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