One of the songs of the summer has returned anew? With three new remixes to bathe it under a fresh spotlight. Lena Philipsson is back with the remix EP for ‘En Stilla Depression’.
Courtesy of? It’s Swedish producer Linda Sonnvik who is at the helm of all three, collaborating with a different producer on each one, resulting in three unique takes on the song.
What are they like? Sonnvik x Kentomen runs with the theme of the summer-flavoured Ace of Base vibes of the original, Sonnvik x Valence turns it into a hyper-synth banger, and Sonnvik x partillemartin creates a sci-fi epic out of the skeleton of the track.
More from Lena? A new album! ‘Maria Magdalena‘ was released last month.

You can find ‘En Stilla Depression’ (Sonnvik x Valence mix) on our Best New Dance playlist.

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