(photo: Otto Autio)

What’s this? The latest release from Finnish artist LKA. New single ‘Do Or Die’.
What does LKA say? “This song is incredibly important to me. It’s probably one of my dearest tracks of all time.”
What does Scandipop say? For the last year or so LKA has been releasing new songs at a rate of approximately one every month. With that many releases, we haven’t always been a fan of every one and so it’s been a little while since we’ve featured one of them on here. But when one comes along that reveals itself to be that extra bit special, it stands out a lot. ‘Do Or Die’ is that song. A beautiful, electronic ballad on which not only does she sound better than ever vocally, but as a songwriter too.
Written by? LKA herself, with production from Jake Alder.
More from LKA? There’s a LOT more, yes! Head over to her Spotify page for more singles. But make yourself a pot of tea and clear an afternoon first, yeah?

You can find ‘Do Or Die’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.


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