Revisited? It’s a remix.
Oh, ok. At midnight last night LORQUEEN released a brand new version of ‘Paper Light (Higher)’ onto Spotify. This is the original, in case you’ve not lived yet. And this is the live performance, in case you’ve not died yet.
What’s the remix….sorry, revisit… like? It’s produced by Salvatore Ganacci and it actually sounds like it could be an original Loreen track that would feature on her album. Trippy electronic dance pop.
Speaking of a Loreen album, any sign of that new one coming soon? No word on any dates, but it’ll be this year by all accounts. And hopefully not preceded by any of that awful COUNTDOWN-TO-AN-ANNOUNCEMENT-ABOUT-A-POTENTIAL-ANNOUNCEMENT-ABOUT-LOREEN-OR-SOMETHING malarkey that Warner Sweden tried to pull on everyone before the release of ‘Paper Light’. *shudders*


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