New Loreen music?! What’s the occasion? And alas, yes, there must be an occasion these days for it to be new Loreen music.
And what is it? A Swedish fashion brand’s new collection.
I’m listening. Ellos have enlisted Loreen to record a song to accompany the new campaign, going so far as to even recording a video for it.
And what’s the song? A cover of the song ‘Walk With Me’.
What’s it like? A moody and atmospheric electronic ballad, which builds into a theatrical crescendo of sorts. Very Loreen, you’ll agree.
Written by? Written by Julian Jones, produced by Loreen and Samuel Starck.
More from Loreen? We’ll be getting lots of new music in 2020, apparently!

You can find ‘Walk With Me’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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