After the release of ‘Body‘ last month, things are heating up for the Loreen comeback trail. Not only does she release new single ‘Jungle’ today, but she’s also releasing a new EP ‘Nude’ on the 25th of this month, AND a new full length album in November. Plus, after six years with Warner, she’s now signed a new deal with BMG Music. Let’s face it – things clearly weren’t working out for either Loreen or Warner – with them never coming fully on board with what she wanted to release post-‘Heal’, and with her not liking the direction they were trying to push her in. With this new deal she gushes about having more creative freedom than ever. So it’s fair to assume that the Loreen music we’re going to be getting from here on in, will most likely sound a world away from the Loreen music we got before. Which brings us to new single ‘Jungle’.

Featuring her fellow Swedish super-cool icon of pop, Elliphant, the song actually does sound more like something we’d expect to hear from Elliphant. Though full credit to Loreen – both artists sound equally as comfortable on the track together. It’s already a huge step in that anticipated whole new direction – a slow-jam reggae vibe. Although one thing which doesn’t change, is Loreen’s ever stubborn refusal to enunciate! Though to be honest, we’re at the stage now where we just see it as an artistic trademark more than a baffling annoyance. So carry on as you were, Loreen. As if you’d ever ever consider otherwise!

These next few months are going to be very interesting for Loreen and her fans. We’re very much on board though.

You can find ‘Jungle’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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