What’s this? The latest single from Swedish artist LOVA – ‘Black Converse’.
What’s it like? A tender break-up ballad centred around a small momentum unleashing the most bitter stream of emotions. And she tells the story so incredibly well.
What does LOVA say about it?This song is about a break-up and how it feels when you’re watching your ex move on in front of your eyes. It sucks, it hurts, you feel replaced and like you’re worth nothing anymore. But it gets better. Time heals everything, and there will be a moment when you will come out on the other side and realise that he wasn’t the one for you. Heartbreak is real and it’s supposed to be felt, and for me writing about it helped.”
Written by? LOVA herself, along with Teo Runsiö, Litens Anton Nilsson and Frans Stohr Thorell.
More from LOVA? This weekend she’s released an acoustic performance video for ‘Black Converse’, which is an absolute beaut. Check it out right here.

You can find ‘Black Converse’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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