Who? The frontrunners to win Melodifestivalen 2019.
Wait, what? Ok, so they’re the frontrunners because they’re the only artist that’s been announced so far. But it’s a competitive advantage for the next few months at least, and you gotta take your victories where you can.
Why the early announcement? Well speaking of victories, the annual P4 Nästa competition came to its conclusion on Saturday night – with Swedish synthpop duo The Lovers of Valdaro getting the coveted automatic slot at the following year’s Melodifestivalen, that is all part of the P4 Nästa prize. And to celebrate, they’ve released their version of the classic tune ‘I Promised Myself’.
Is it as good as the A*Teens original? Erm…..well obviously it’s not as good as the A*Teens version, but yes, it’s better than the Nick Kamen original.
Is it as good as the Basshunter version? We can’t quite remember how that one went, but we’d take a guess and say yes. Yes it is.
So, like, what else have they done? Well the song they won P4 Nästa with is ‘Lost Forever‘. And their brand new single is ‘Walk Alone‘.
Euphoric. Melancholic. Electronic. Well yes, they are, rather. Funnily enough, that’s also the title of their debut EP, which comes out on September 7th and which features ‘I Promised Myself’.

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