What’s this? Swedish pop legend Magnus Carlsson has been selected to deliver this year’s official Stockholm Pride anthem. And it’s out today. ‘My Freedom’.
What’s it like? A flag-waving, club-going, trauma-overcoming homosexual of a song! The genre of delightfully camp pop music is in no safer hands than those of our Magnus Carlsson. And once again, he has not let us down on that front. He’s provided us with a true anthem for the ages. And even managed to shoehorn in references to both ‘Live Forever’ and ‘Not A Sinner Nor A Saint’.
Written by? Anders Adelgren, Dan Attlerud, Linus Wileryd and Tobias Jonsson. Produced by Martin Eriksson Sandmark.
More from Magnus? He’s also released a SoundFactory remix, to make your Pride season bang that little bit harder.

You can find ‘My Freedom’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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