What’s this? Later this week, Sweden’s Maja Francis releases her new EP ‘Cry Baby pt2’. And now here’s the lead single – ‘Girl Is A Gun’.
Hang on. ‘Cry Baby pt2’. Did we miss pt1? Not if you check these pages regularly you didn’t. Here’s pt1 for your listening pleasure, in any case.
Fab. So – new single? It’s excellent. Bubbling electropop with a large, triumphant chorus.
What has Maja got to say about it? “It’s about how incredibly strong I can feel when I’m together with other women! That we never have to be alone and if we struggle we can take each others hands and become the most powerful weapon in the world. We can re write history.. in a Power Puff Girls kinda way.”

You can find ‘Girl Is A Gun’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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