What’s this? Those Mamas are not content with all the moving they encouraged us to do between February and May. They’re back. And they want us to move with twice as much ferocity.
And how do they expect us to do that when we’ve ‘Move’d so much already? Via this new remix of their Melodifestivalen 2020 winner. Courtesy of Swedish producer Hogland.
What’s it like? It takes all of the infectious, upbeat charm of the original and ramps it up quite considerably. It makes the banger bang all that harder.
The best kind of bang. And actually, if you’re still in the market for an even harder bang, they’ve also released the Rich Edwards remix.
More from The Mamas? If you’ve yet to, check out the follow-up to ‘Move’ that they released in May – ‘Let It Be‘.

You can find ‘Move’ (Hogland remix) on our Best New Dance playlist.

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