What’s this? Two brand-new singles from Swedish artist Måns Zelmerlöw, released today.
What are they like? ‘Grow Up To Be You’ is a song he’s penned to his eleven-month-old son, and features some super-sweet lyrics from a wise ol’ Daddy Måns. ‘Better Now’, meanwhile, sounds like it’s a tribute to his wife. It’s an up-beat, happy-go-lucky kinda song in which he says goodbye to the sins of his bachelor days and admits that everything is just a whole lot better now.
Written by? ‘Better Now’ was written by Måns along with Emma Rohan, Tom Mann and Peter Hammerton. ‘Grow Up To Be You’ was written by Måns along with Anu Pillai and David Sneddon.
More from Måns? Tomorrow night, after the Eurovision final, he releases his cover version of last year’s contest runner-up, ‘Fuego’. His new album arrives in October.

You can find ‘Better Now’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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