Whaaaa? Yes! New Måns Zelmerlöw music AND new Dotter music. Together! Their new single, ‘Walk With Me’ is out today. A modern, atmospheric love ballad in the form of a duet.
What does Måns say? “FINALLY! Its been 2.5 years since I last released new music and since then I’ve been writing..and writing..and writing. I have been longing to play it to all of you and today is the day! The release of the first single from my new album, an album which will be released this autumn. ‘Walk With Me’ is a first taste of what the album will sound like, in my opinion the best album yet. This time focusing a lot more on lyrics, wanting the songs to matter, the melodies to have an impact, stories that everyone can relate to. I hope you all like as much as I do.”
What does Dotter say? Nothing, yet. Rude.
Written by? The Måns himself, along with Andrew Jackson, Ashley Peter Milton, Daniel Goudie and Rachel Clare Furner.
I would quite like to see this song performed live, if you don’t mind. Well you’re in luck. They’ll perform it together as the interval act at tomorrow’s Melodifestivalen.

You can find ‘Walk With Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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