(photo: Magnus Ragnvid)

What’s this? Swedish artist Melanie Wehbe is out with a brand-new single – this is ‘Nothing’.
What’s it like? A beautifully lush number on which she pairs raw lyrics with a super-polished production. It leaves a huge impression on first listen, and is most definitely one to keep coming back to. And on it, we’re pleased to hear that she’s brought back the string musicians from last year’s ‘Irony‘ (Erik Moberg and Helmer Norrby).
What does Melanie say? “I think most of us are familiar with the feelings of uncertainty and powerlessness. The frustration that appears when we realise that we can’t change a situation or a relationship. At the end of the day we know nothing at all.”
Written by? Melanie herself, along with Helmer Norrby and Herman Gardarfve.
More from Melanie? She recently collaborated with Swedish producer Hogland on the banging ‘Just A Little‘.

You can find ‘Nothing’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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