What’s this? Producer Milos has teamed up with his fellow Norwegian artist Ima Sobé to create a superb new dance track that combines latin-tinged heat with some crisp Nordic melodies. ‘One More Night’.
What does Milos say? “When I started on ‘One More Night’ I had in mind that I wanted to go for something ethnic/latin, and I felt like combining all the drums, dramatic strings and the guitar with my style worked out well in the end. The lyrics are about a relationship going through lots of ups and downs and I believe many can relate to the feeling of wanting their significant other just to stay one more night.”
Written by? Milos himself, along with Hanne Mjøen and Sturla Fagerli Larsen.
More from Milos? Last year he released ‘Down‘, featuring Chris Medina.

You can find ‘One More Night’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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