(photo: Rami Hanna)

What’s this? The brand-new single from Swedish artist Molly Hammar – ‘Shortcuts (I Can’t Wait)’.
What’s it like? A song on which we finally get to hear Molly let those incredible vocals go for it on a big-diva, soul-pop ballad. And it sounds just as marvellous as you would hope and expect from such a situation. One which has taken far too long to materialise. More of this please, Molly.
What does Molly say? “‘Shortcuts’ is about all the shortcuts you can take towards fulfilling your dreams and the struggle I think everyone faces when you have big dreams and want to achieve them. All the pressure that comes with it, the frustration, the longing. I’ve learned that taking the long road always pays off in the end, if you want something that’s gonna last. Both career wise and in life. It’s a frustration anthem in the most beautiful way.”
Written by? Molly herself, along with Pär Westerlund and Petter Tarland.
More from Molly? We’re still hanging on her every ‘Words‘.

You can find ‘Shortcuts’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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