What’s this? The latest single from new Swedish duo ohFrank – this is ‘Millenial’.
What’s it like? A ludicrously catchy number that shamelessly exudes a healthy air of kitsch, camp and OTT theatrics. A single that’s even better than their strong debut – which is a nice trajectory for them to be having, so early on their career.
What do ohFrank say? “‘Millenial’ is a sarcastic, yet honest self-portrait of our generation. We sing about nostalgic memories, which are relevant to so many, like old mobile phones and TV channels like Vh1 and MTV. And we want people to dance to it! It’s been said many times that my generation is privileged and self-centered. ohFrank embraces that wholeheartedly.
Written by? The two gents themselves – Robin Stjernberg and Benjamin Roustaing.
More from ohFrank? This is the duo’s second single. They released their debut a couple of months back – ‘Schizophrenic‘.

You can find ‘Millenial’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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