His new single? Following on from January’s ‘Go On Go On‘, Ola Salo today releases a brand new single worldwide – ‘How I Kill’.
What’s it like? It’s the sound of the Ola Salo you know and love, if you were a fan of The Ark a decade ago. That’s not to say he’s trading on former glories – it just sounds like he’s doing the style of music that he loves the most, and therefore sounds the most comfortable doing. It’s got a nostalgic quality to it, while at the same time offering something new for his considerable legion of fans.
Best bit? We’re all about the charm of the backing vocals – a cross between gospel, and well – The Ark. And then there’s also that closing gasp from Ola at the very end.
Is there more to come from Ola? There is. Next week in fact. A new EP will be released on March 20th, also titled ‘How I Kill’.


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