What’s this? The new single and video from Sweden’s Oscar Enestad – ‘Sänker Våra Glas På Innergården’.
What’s it like? A very simple, but very beautiful piano ballad with a melody so strong that it will tug on your heartstrings regardless of whether you understand the lyrics or not.
What does Oscar say? “The song was was created after we played with a piano loop while waiting for a meeting. We all thought it sounded good so we continued to work on it when we entered the studio. It is about the feeling of floating on clouds after the euphoria of meeting the one you love, while at the same time experiencing uncertainty about what the future looks like”.
Written by? Oscar himself, along with Robin Stjernberg and Johan Lindbrandt.
More from Oscar? More music is promised to be on its way throughout the rest of the year. Until then, check out his recent collaboration with Klara & Jag – ‘Aska‘.

You can find ‘Sänker Våra Glas På Innergården’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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