(photo: Magnus Ragnvid)

What’s this? Swedish talent Patrik Jean has just released an excellent new mix of his recent track ‘Lean On Me’.
What’s excellent about it? Well, fellow Swedish artist ARMAN manages to make it expertly ride the next wave of chilled-house sounds and traits, without relinquishing any of the reams of soul that the original exuded. We don’t even object to the on-the-line distortion of THAT vocal. The song always had a timeless beauty to it – now, it fits even more perfectly to the here and now.
Written by? Patrik himself, along with Elias Näslin.
More from Patrik? If you aren’t already familiar with the song’s parent EP, get that remedied straight away.

You can find ‘Lean On Me’ (ARMAN remix) on our Best New Dance playlist.

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