What’s this? Marvin, Alexander, Isak and Oscar aka Swedish boyband QUEST have released their latest single – their third. It’s called ‘Got Me Good’ and it’s their best yet. An electronic-infused pop song with a simplistic, infectious and enjoyable pop melody.
What do the boys say? “The song is all about love, about being completely obsessed with a person. We have all felt this way about someone and we wanted to express that feeling. We all have different preferences and sexualities in the band and therefore we chose not to put any gender identities in the lyrics, because everyone should be able to relate to the song.”
Written by? Rebecca Platten, Alexander Laitila and Joakim Brantling, and produced by Andreas Keruger and Alexander Laitila.
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You can find ‘Got Me Good’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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