What’s this? Danish pop legend Rasmus Seebach is back with his first new music in two years.
What’s he been doing for two years?! Raising his newborn!
Fair. What’s this new song? It’s called ‘Lovesong’.
He’s singing in English now? Just the song title. In the rest of the song, you can still hear him utter that beautiful Danish word that we still associate with him, nearly a decade after ‘Natteravn’ – “kærlighed“.
And what’s the song like? An impossibly cute number that we fell for on first listen. It’s both a very traditional love song and a catchy tune with a top-notch, modern production. And we’d love to hear more like it from him.
Written by? Rasmus himself, along with Nicolai Seebach and Andreas Sommer.

You can find ‘Lovesong’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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