What’s this? It’s taken him a minute, but now Danish artist Rasmussen is finally ready to follow-up that enormous Eurovision success he had with the almighty ‘Higher Ground’. New single and video ‘Go Beyond’.
What’s it like? If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it. And Rasmussen has released a song that will please many of the millions who adored its predecessor. Same style, but with the tempo revved-up just a notch.
What does Rasmussen say? “Go Beyond doesn’t give answers, it asks; ‘How many times are we to crash and burn? And how many times before we finally learn? How do we manage to unbreak the bond, if we don’t find a way to go beyond?’ Let’s build trust again; let’s begin believing in the good in people again”.
Well put, Rasmussen. Quite.
Written by? Niclas Arn, Karl Eurén and Jonas Rasmussen.

You can find ‘Go Beyond’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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