The new single? The brand new single – in the run up to the release of the follow-up to his ‘16’ album. On Friday, Robin put out ‘Yö Kuuluu Meille’.
What’s it like? As Robin faces the prospect of not only maturing into an adult, but also having to set himself aside from his Finnish teen boy contemporaries Isac Elliot and Benjamin, ‘Yö Kuuluu Meille’ finds him delve into a more rock orientated sound. It’s still pop of course, and the chorus melody is huge. But the guitars have been ramped up higher, as has the attitude in Robin’s vocal. The song also features established Finnish artists Santa Cruz, Nikke Ankara, Brädi, and Jussi 69 – which should also propel the single beyond Robin’s usual fanbase.
Written by? Jimi Constantine – yes that Finnish popstar him-very-self.
More from Robin? A new album is expected before the end of the year. It’ll be his fifth, despite the fact that he’s just turned 17 years old.


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