(photo: Mark Peckmezian)

For real? No collabs. No remixes. No drivel. Actual Robyn is back with a brand new single, and she’s back properly. Sounding like Robyn and, therefore, as you would expect, sounding pretty damn incredible. This is ‘Missing U’.
Missing U? Well after eight years of no solo music, one would hope so. In the words of the lady herself: “Missing U – A message to my fans, that I´ve missed them.”
And what’s it like? A shimmering synthpop production that exudes joyful euphoria, balanced out by a heart-wrenching melody set to lyrics of loss. Classic Robyn. Brilliant.
Worth the eight year wait? Steady now.
Written by? Robyn, Klas Åhlund and Metronomy. Recorded in Paris and Stockholm.

You can find ‘Missing U’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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