They’re back! Finland’s bestest band Satin Circus have today released a new single that encapsulates what we’ve all been thinking for the past few months. ‘Come Back’.
What’s it like? Fans of previous single ‘Crossroads’ will be delighted to hear that they’re continuing down that sonic route. Arena sized folk-pop. They do it so well. And as much as we loved the first album – they’ve come a LONG way from there with their last two singles. They’re like a whole other band now. And we’re gagging for this new album.
Any Axel sax? There is indeed a bit of Axel sax shoehorned into proceedings, yes.
Scandipop – are you ready to talk about the Eurovision fiasco yet? No. And what CAN one say, anyway? Thankfully though, they’ve come out of the whole thing extremely well. And they’re bigger now than they were before it all started.


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